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FMS Makes Major Investment in New Cutting-Edge Technology

Powder Compaction Press Delivers
Speed and Precision

FMS Corporation is pleased to announce
the delivery and installation of its newest precision powder compaction press, a
180-ton CA-NCII-1600 manufactured by Osterwalder AG of Lyss, Switzerland. The press was installed at FMS’s Minneapolis plant in November 2017 and began producing high-quality, close-tolerance powder metal components within days.

The press offers a combination of speed and precision unmatched by other powder metal compaction presses on the market today. Cutting-edge technology incorporated in the new press offers benefits in a multitude of ways, including the ability to continuously monitor production parameters and self-adjust using a closed-loop computer numerical control feedback system. The new technology allows FMS to produce complex components with a higher degree of precision and repeatability of important design features such as density, strength, hardness and critical dimensions.

“Osterwalder AG is one of the premier powder metal press manufacturers in the world. We are excited to offer this world-class technology to our customers,” says John Sweet, FMS Corporation’s president and CEO. “The press represents a significant investment in our ability to meet customer demand in terms of quality and delivery.”

FMS’s long-standing policy of continuous investment in people and technology translates directly to better quality components and an enhanced customer experience.

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