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FMS Corporation switches to an environmentally-friendly resin sealant

FMS Corporation’s Mission is to improve the lives of our stakeholders, partners, and community through powder metal technology and teamwork. As part of that mission, the FMS team is working continuously to reduce the impact our manufacturing processes have on our environment.

As you may know, powder metal components which require plating are often sealed with a Methacrylate resin in order to prevent harmful plating chemicals from leaching into the components’ micro-porosity. In addition, these same resin sealants are often used to aid in machinability of PM components.

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact, FMS Corporation has been working with our sealant supplier, Loctite Corporation, on the implementation of a new, more environmentally-friendly Methacrylate resin sealant. Testing is now complete, and we are pleased to report no measurable decrease in properties or performance. Therefore, FMS is switching our primary resin sealant from Loctite Resinol RTC to the more environmentally-friendly Loctite Resinol RTC ECO.

FMS and Loctite are committed to lessening our environmental impact while still providing the most advanced and highest quality resin sealing technology available today. If needed, FMS can provide sample components to any customer who wishes to independently validate the new sealant. We appreciate, in advance, your willingness to work with us as we make this important change.