Compacting &
Molding Capabilities

At FMS, our pressing capability enables us to manufacture a diverse range of products, ranging from the smallest most simple components to the most intricate seven-level parts. With 24 powder compaction presses, including the latest in cutting edge press technology, FMS can create parts with projected areas of up to 25 square inches using 1100 Tons of force.
The compaction or “molding” process involves transforming metal powders into components of desired shapes through the application of high pressures using mechanical, hydraulic or electrically actuated presses.


The process begins by placing highly engineered metal powders of a specific shape and particle size distribution into a die cavity, which can have various configurations based on the intended final product shape. Once filled, a controlled amount of pressure is applied axially to the powder using upper and lower tooling members called punches.


Under the influence of this pressure, the metal particles are rearranged, creating mechanical bonds through a combination of plastic deformation and friction. This results in the formation of a "green" compact with a consistent and dense structure.


At this stage, the interparticle bonds are strong enough to allow for the part to be carefully handled but most green compacts can be broken either by hand or by being dropped onto a hard surface. A green part will not have any functional strength until after it has undergone the sintering process.
Please reach out to one of our powder metal experts today for assistance in solving your challenges using the PM process and technology.