Case Study: Industry Fluid Power High-Pressure Sprayer Drive Gear

Application: High-Pressure Sprayers
Requirement: 101-Tooth Helical Gear
Current Manufacturing Method: Machined Die-Casting
Goals: Reduce Cost and Increase Service Life

The P/M Solution

Gear Material: Heat-Treated P/M Steel, 6.9-g/cc Density—UTS 130,000 psi, Hardness Rc 25 Minimum
60-80% Increase In Physical Properties Over Zn Die-Casting = Increased Performance and Part Life
AGMA Quality Class: 6 Helical Tooth Form
P/M Net-Shape Manufacturing: 30% Cost Savings

Case Study Industry: Sports and Recreation—Snowmobile Suspension Guide

Application: Snowmobile Suspension System
Requirement: Guide for Suspension Adjustment Block
Goals: Improved Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance
Current Manufacturing Method: Machined, Anodized Aluminum Sand Casting

The P/M Solution

Material: 316 Stainless Steel per MPIF Standard 35 SS-316N1-25
Nitrogen Alloying Increases Wear Resistance
500% Increase In Guide Life
Higher Performance for Similar Cost via P/M

Case Study Industry: Industrial Motors and Controls—Planetary Gear System

Application: Compact, High-Torque Planetary Gear System with Changeable Gear Ratios
Requirement: 14 Components Including: Sun Gears, Ring Gears, Carriers and Couplings
Goals: High Strength, Wear Resistance, Reduced Noise and Reduced Cost
Current Manufacturing Method: Hobbed or Broached Gears, Machined Carriers

The P/M Solution

Material: Sinter Hardened P/M Steel Per MPIF Standard 35 FLNC-4408, 6.9 g/cc Density, Rc 30 Minimum Hardness
Redesigned Tooth form Increases Contact Ratio, Strength and Reduces Noise
Net-shape P/M Process Saves Customer Over 60% on the Total Cost of the Assembly

Case Study Industry: Off Road Equipment—Drive Sprocket

Application: Primary Drive Sprocket
Requirement: Surpass 10,000 mile minimum duty cycle with no wear
Goals: Wear Resistance, Impact Strength, Tensile Strength and Must Pass Customer “Extreme Abuse” Testing
Current Manufacturing Method: Machined, Carburized 8620

The P/M Solution

Material: Sinter-Hardened P/M Steel, 7.2 g/cc density min. UTS 200,000 psi, hardness Rc 47 typical
High-Temperature Sintering Improves Both Impact Strength and Tensile Strength
Net-shape P/M Process Saves on Raw Material and on Total Cost vs. Machining
Properties Surpass 8620 Material

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