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FMS has full CAD/CAM gear design capability and extensive P/M gear design experience to meet your power transmission requirements. In addition, we have computerized gear inspection equipment to verify the product meets the design criteria.

High-Performance Alloys

FMS and its material suppliers are constantly developing new processes and alloy systems for high-performance applications. P/M components like these sprockets have now replaced some components previously manufactured via wrought, carborized 8620 steel.

Stainless Steel

With vacuum sintering capability up to 2400ºF (1315ºC), FMS produces the highest quality stainless steel components in the market today. Extensive process and material controls also ensure the highest level of corrosion resistance available today.


FMS has extensive assembly experience. Whether you require multiple components with full metallurgical bonding or simply an assembled pin or bearing, let FMS reduce your purchased part numbers by supplying a complete assembly.

Large Parts

With pressing capability up to 1100 US-tons, FMS can produce large components such as this 7-lb. pulley.

Soft Magnetic Application

FMS has extensive experience with soft magnetic materials such as phosphorus-iron, nickel-iron, and silicon-iron, among others. Our high-temperature vacuum sintering capability also adds a level of electromagnetic performance not found with other sintering processes.

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