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Whether your part is basic or a complex plated and machined assembly, the FMS team of experts will work to meet your unique production needs.

Soft Magnetic: Insulated particle, Phosphorous Iron
Ferrous: Low Alloy Steel, Nickel Steel, Copper Steel, Sinter Hardening grades
Corrosion Resistant: Stainless Steels 304, 316 and 410 alloys
Nonferrous: Brass, Bronze, Copper and Nickel Silver

Compacting and Molding Capabilities
Compaction Presses
Press Range: 2-1100 Tons (1.8-1000 metric tons)
Multi-levels: Up to Seven Levels
Max. P/M Part Length: 5 inches (127 mm)
Automatic Sizing

Copper Infiltration
Sinter Hardening
High Temperature Sintering 
Vacuum Sintering to 2400°F (1315°C)
Sinter Bonding

Secondary Processes
CNC turning and milling, conventional and wire EDM, drilling, tapping, reaming, boring, grinding, honing, oil and resin impregnation, roller burnishing, vibratory finishing, subassemblies, sizing, vacuum annealing, stream treatment, tumbling, deburring, hard turning, plating and assembly operations. FMS provides extensive full-service CNC machining.

Customized Service
FMS offers custom component design, alloy selection and production manufacturing support. These three facets of the FMS service strategy work together in helping our clients move quickly and efficiently from concept to a cost-effective component.

In today's business market, many companies find themselves on a compressed time-to-market schedule for new products.

For companies wishing to shorten lead times for final manufacturing of established, high-volume products, FMS's prototyping can expedite production of specialized tooling to meet your scheduling demands. 

In-house Quality Control and Metallurgical Inspection
Resonant Acoustic Method NDT (RAM NDT™) inspection system, Zeiss DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine, DataMyte SPC data collection and analysis, carbon analysis, Rockwell and Vickers (micro) hardness testing, compression/tension dynamometer, gear analysis, soft magnetic performance analysis, metallographic examination.

Product Development
The FMS product development team of certified powder metal technologists meets weekly to evaluate new components and compatibility with the P/M process. This team of eight highly specialized, multi-disciplinary engineers and technicians provide our customers with an unparalleled level of research, design and engineering expertise.

Inventory Management
Full-service inventory control services, daily or weekly shipping capabilities, bar coding and labeling, forecasting, component sourcing, Kanban, EDI and consignment processes.

In-house Tooling Department
We design and build our tooling in-house to provide the highest quality and fastest delivery.

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