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FMS Corporation Wins Grand Prize in the Hardware/Appliance Category for Conventional PM Components at the 2024 MPIF Design Excellence Awards Competition!


John Sweet, President & CEO, Luke Sweet, Process Engineer, and Joe Davis, Quality Assurance Manager, accepted a Grand Prize Award in the Hardware/Appliance Category of the 2024 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition in Pittsburg, PA.

The award was given for support bushings that serve a crucial role as clamping washers in a concentrated solar-power generation application by facilitating an improved connection between the azimuth drive of a heliostat and a steel support pylon in the ground. In this application, heliostats, equipped with large mirrors, are arranged in a circular formation around a central receiver tower. The heliostats track the sun, reflecting light back to a central tower, where the focused energy heats up a synthetic oil which is used to generate steam. The resulting steam powers a turbine, ultimately producing electricity.


This award highlights FMS’s commitment to excellence in powder metallurgy and showcases the powder metal process’s ability to solve unique problems in the most energy efficient and waste free manner possible. The Powder metal processes ability to leverage one green technology to solve a problem in another exemplifies an environmentally conscientious approach to problem-solving in manufacturing!

FMS leadership would like to thank our engineering and manufacturing teams as well as customer Dynamis Solutions (   for helping make this achievement possible!

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